Device library LFX Master DMX

Device library LFX Master DMX

Device library

The LFX Master DMX provides a profound device library for a bunch of LED fixtures, dimmer packs for tungsten and fluoros to simplify the DMX set-up.

With just a few clicks you are ready for shooting!

Available device presets

  • Kino Flo: FreeStyle LED, Select LED, Diva-Lite LED, Celeb LED, Parabeam, Parazip
  • Arri: Skypanel-C, L5-C, L7-C, L10-C, Broadcaster 2
  • generic 2-channel LED
  • 12-channel tungsten dimmer pack

Parameters are named by its function

No more studies of complicated DMX maps of numerous lamp model and its modes. Entering DMX values for numerous DMX channels is obsolete with the LFX Master DMX.

The gel library let´s you select a gel by name for the Skypanel-C and Kinoflo LED fixtures.
The Lighting FX Builder on this site helps you to choose the perfect preset and hardware set-up in a view simple steps.

Select an effect – select a lamp – ready.

Build a guide with the LIGHTING FX BUILDER

Customise the DMX set-up

Even if there is currently no device preset in the list of available device presets – you can modify existing presets or create your own one in the expert mode!

Need for a new device preset? Contact us, we´ll build it for you with a new firmware.

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